Sunday, 2 September 2007

Base finished

Well, it took the best side of day to finish it, but the base is completed! That's used up a huge pile of rubble for the walls on the back, and most of my free rockery stone on the front.

I had some help from a very enthusiastic three year old with the last few lumps of rubble (thanks Thomas!), but still had a fair bit left. No matter, simply bung it in the spaces around the concrete support pillars - I can use it to help support the hearth when I pour it.

I'll fill the last foot or so with more rubble once the mortar's set on the top stones. I'm pretty pleased with that for a first effort - the uneven levels on the walls will be taken care of when I pour the (level!) hearth. If anyone else asks me how I'm going to get the pizzas to fit in that little brick hole, I'm going to hit them.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the base! Am looking forward to the next step. Over the weekend I discovered that the earth in my garden is clay and am now starting to plan the building of my own earth oven. I attended a course a few weekends ago and learnt how to build one. First of all I must put down a foundation into the soil.