Monday, 14 January 2008

More work on the frame

A couple more photos of the frame of the summer house here after the work this weekend. This will probably prove the most expensive part of the project. This is all pressure treated tannalised spruce - all FSC marked so I know it's all sustainable. Strangely, all this wood came with an EEC Plant Passport.You can see how the oven sits at the back of the summer house, and is 'half in, half out'. There's a porch roof on the back to keep it dry, and this is only covered with black plastic at the moment as I'll need to get access to the main roof when I sort the chimney out.I'll clad the sides with some 4 inch board I've obtained from a demolished fence - the roof is corrugated bitumen sheet. Hopefully with the light rigged up inside I can do some work when it's dark...

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