Monday, 18 February 2008

Finishing the chimney

The chimney's finished off now - more bricks on top of the angle iron, then a section of double walled stainless chimney (6" internal diameter). This was definitely the best ebay find yet - £30 for about 5 foot of sections, with a nice chimney cap too. It's all pretty well used, but in good shape. The stainless chimney rests on the chimney bricks, and was surrounded by a rough wooden form that I filled with concrete. I plan to skin the inside of the bricks and concrete with an insulating mix (probably perlite/fireclay mix) so hopefully they shouldn't get really hot.It wasn't easy getting the chimney through the bitumen roof, as it needs 2" clearance around it to stop it setting fire to anything. I cut the hole in the roof using a stanley knife, using a cardboard template to work from. For flashing I used some aluminium sheet I had lying around, and sealed all the gaps with some heat resistant mastic I had left over from fixing a car windscreen a long time ago. All this took a very long time, as it was very cold and windy. The next day was lovely, so I finished the rear bit of the roof off.The chimney is held in place by the concrete at the bottom, and an excellent bodge at the top using 4 bits of builders metalwork (don't know what they're called, but they were in the same section as joist hangers in Wickes) nailed across the roof beams. The chimney was then held tightly to these using a tumble drier hose clamp. Not pretty, but functional, and nobody's going to be looking at this bit...

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