Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Summerhouse wall & dome mould

I've finished one wall of the summerhouse now, using some 4"x1" tanalised timber from a recently demolished fence. The fence was put up by a chap whose neighbours complained about it, and eventually had to take it down again. I bought all the wood for a few pounds as he wanted rid of the whole miserable affair. There's probably enough to do half a dozen summer houses...
Here's the first wall completed - overlapping each piece by 1":

The 100W bulb did a good job in seeing the frost off, so I made the mould for the clay dome. I made a central box out of bricks with my lightbulb in, then surrounded the whole lot with masonry sand. The bulb in the bricks should keep the sand warm and stop it (and the clay) from freezing.

This took 3 bags of builders sand (25kg each) but I'll scoop all this out later and reuse it for mortar. I could really have done with more sand, but I used all my broken bricks in the middle of the pile to bulk it out a bit. This mould will give me ~32 inches inside diameter of the oven.

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