Monday, 21 April 2008

Flint wall finished

I was cursing the idea of using the flints after three days of hard work, but now I'm really pleased with it. It's a very cheap and appropriate way to finish the oven. These days it's an expensive way to build (due to the labour costs), but around here it's a method that's been used for at least the last couple of hundred years, as the building material was free.

I got a bit nervy after the first foot or so, as I was concerned about the mortar bonding tightly to the thermalite blocks. To help the bond I screwed 2" screws into the blocks every 6", leaving about 1" sticking out that I embedded into the mortar. All finished on the masonry work now - just need to leave this to cure, then clean everything up.
Looks good in the summerhouse, especially now I've finished the front and side boarding off. Just need to do the back now, then lay the floor.


Anonymous said...

Remarkably impressive. We're still at the trying to collect together materials stage as we have had no luck sourcing affordable fire bricks.

I'm beginning to think that we shall have to buy enough for the floor and then construct a clay oven on top rather than having a truly impressive structure like yours.


Carl said...

Thanks Tony - sounds like you're facing the same problem I had. I hear the cheapest UK supplier is at I have no experience of them though.

I did exactly what you suggested - only bought enough firebricks for the floor (from ebay) then built my clay oven on top. The rest of the structure is thermalite block, mortar & flint. Hopefully, within most people's price range.

All the best, Carl