Monday, 21 April 2008

Using found flints

I needed to find a cheap way to cover my patchwork walls on the front of the oven. I had considered rendering, but the walls were too uneven. I also considered using bricks, but I was running low on them and didn't want to buy any more. Then I remembered that many of the cottages round here have flint block walls, as the chalky soil round here is full of loads of flints.

Two hours later I had this large pile of flints, just from my own garden. I cleaned them all up the lazy way by putting them in my cement mixer with a bucket of gravel, filling it with water, and running it for 10 minutes. It also cleaned the mixer brilliantly, and I'm sure the neighbours will have enjoyed the din it made. I then spent a happy hour bashing them all in half with a hammer. Goggles are a must for this, along with thick gloves.

I fitted two switches to the front of the oven, one for a light and the other for the thermometer power switch. I'll wire these up later. Then it was time for the flint jigsaw - this took a long time, and was very fiddly. This was about three days work, using a lime and sharp sand mortar. Here I am about half a day into it. The radio was essential to keep me entertained.

I like this next picture as it shows what a con artist I am on this build. The front half is all nice rockery stone and flints, the back is waste concrete and render. No point making the back look nice as nobody will see it!

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