Friday, 27 June 2008

First pizzas

Not many photos here, due to mild panic about getting all the timings right. Instead I just have a picture showing my cooking table before I started. The marble slab was £1.20 from ebay - sold as a particularly unpleasant occasional table that clearly nobody wanted. A bit of spanner work soon separated the good bit from the legs to give this marble slab. I'm using it to assemble the pizzas.

And this was the result - the first pizza! Actually, this was the second pizza, as the first was sadly offered to the fire gods due to circumstances beyond my control (gravity and clumsiness with a pizza peel). It tasted at least as good as it looked - mozzarella, basil & tomato.

The recipe came from the Forno Bravo pizza cookery book - the best one I've seen on wood fired pizza, and better still, it's free. You can download a copy here:

This was a great moment - finally something to eat from my hours of hard work.

Next - bread!


Anonymous said...

On the 29th August last year I have been following your progress with wonder! I am so impressed with your achievement and it inspires me to have a go too! I would love to see the bread you make. With best wishes and congratulations. Ian

Carl said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'm really pleased with it too - it's my biggest construction yet! Please let me know if I can give any advice if you attempt the same thing!

The bread will come soon - watch this space!